About the Festival

We’re excited to announce a milestone in the next chapter of our annual queer film festival! Damn These Heels Queer Film Festival has been renamed Utah Queer Film Festival (UQFF), marking the festival’s growth and commitment to representing Utah’s diverse LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. This name change highlights the festival’s evolution and alignment with its vision of greater inclusion, intention, and impact.


Utah Queer Film Festival, formerly called Damn These Heels, is the mountain west’s longest running LGBTQ+ film festival. It started as a handful of screenings during Pride Week in 2003 and at 20+ years, is a festival that offers a weekend of full-length international and independent films, collections of short films, community collaborations, and post-film discussions. 

Its purpose is to celebrate Utah’s diversity by sharing LGBTQ+ triumphs, struggles, history, and culture through high-quality film and events. In its 20+ year history, the Festival has served over 33,000 attendees from Utah and across the US, including Texas, California, and Virginia.

Representation Matters! 

The Utah Queer Film Festival programming committee – which reviews, debates, and chooses the film program – is composed of local community members who identify along the queer spectrum. With their guidance, the festival program aspires to authentically represent the queer experiences, art, history, excellence, and perspectives. We also highlight Utah-based filmmakers and artists to tap into the creativity, personalities, and perspectives important to Utah’s LGBTQ+ community.

Festival Values

Utah Queer Film Festival is a program of the nonprofit Utah Film Center. The Film Center’s mission is to connect people, stories, and ideas through film exhibitions, artist support, and arts education. We envision a world where all of Utah’s communities feel welcome, valued, and creatively empowered to make the world a better place. By amplifying diverse perspectives and marginalized voices, we believe that we can usher in a richer understanding of our neighbors, fellow human beings, and the world around us. 

Words from our audience:

  • These stories affirm the lives of everyone. These films give a voice to a community that hasn’t always been invited to the discussions.
  • …this festival and others like it, make me feel like I belong.
  • This festival raises awareness for issues that may be invisible in the mainstream media. Stories are a powerful way to fuel advocacy. As an activist, I leave these films with a renewed sense of purpose and a strong desire to do more in my community to protect those who are most vulnerable. 
  • [It is] an oasis in a desert.
  • Getting together with a bunch of queers is just good for the soul!

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