October 13, 2023 at 9:00 pm
Jeanné Wagner Theatre
English, Feature, Fiction (Dramatic, Live Action, R

Girls Will Be Girls

A wickedly funny parlor drama – as if it were hopped up on quaaludes and martinis – Girls Will Be Girls transcends its genre with fiendishly clever writing, inspired performances, and a pastel-diffused set design that combine to make a hilarious comedy about three actresses at various places in the Hollywood food chain who navigate love, aging, and ambition. Oh yeah – all three actresses are played by men. Evie (Jack Plotnick), an aging actress in the twi-dark of her career, drinks her way through the day, longing to jump-start her career and any man in the vicinity. Her roommate and verbal punching bag, Coco (Clinton Leupp), only yearns for one thing: to have a child with the doctor who performed her abortion. When Varla (Jeffery Roberson), a naive country girl with a bit of an eating disorder and her own dreams of making it as an actress, joins the household, their aspirations and sordid pasts come to an unforgettable boiling point. Director Richard Day and the staggeringly gifted cast take the outrageous actions and characters in the story and infuse them with heart, making over-the-top laughs bubble up from the core. So sit back, savor the details, and become enchanted by three larger-than-life ladies.

Directed by: Richard Day
Runtime: 79 minutes
Year: 2003
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: No Subtitles – Film is in English OR is non-vocal
Cast: Miss Coco Peru (Clinton Leupp), Evie Harris (Jack Plotnick), (Varla Jean Merman) Jeffery Robertson

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