October 16, 2022 at 10:00 am
In Person at Regent Street Black Box
$15 suggested | Pay-what-you-can-afford

Workshop: Honest Reactions to Imaginary Situations

This workshop teaches the methodology Honest Reactions To Imaginary Situations. It is an approach to creating and performing that above all relies upon; centers and fights for truth. Honest Reactions To Imaginary Situations is a provocative examination of the thrill of creating a performance on Film. This work regards the performer as the creator and the creator as the performer – on and off the stage. Built from his approach to Devised Theatre, Raja Feather Kelly works candidly with repetition and failure as key ingredients toward, reactive, responsive, and unrestricted theatricality. Particularly focusing on the editing process as a way of choreographing.

This workshop offers every practitioner unfiltered insight into Raja’s creative process. This approach is both a compendium for creative work and a field guide. The workshop will have two parts. 

Part 1: Improvisation, Movement, and theatre exercises. 

Part 2: Translating our work on video via iPhone. 

This workshop prides itself on an unabridged offering of understanding, experience, and motivation. 

Directed by: Raja Feather Kelly
Runtime: 2022 minutes
Year: 2022
Country: United States
Rating: Not Rated
Language: English

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